Erroneous temperature requests if file uploaded from internet

What is the problem?
My first try to upload GCode from internet is successful. However, when the printing start, the bed temperature goes properly to 60°C while the extruder tries to jump to 400°C instead of 200. Luckily for me, he can't go that high and did not start the printing.
But if I upload the file from my LAN, all works fine.

What did you already try to solve it?
I did not try to solves this as I have no clue why is there this difference.
I tried to download the file from octoprint back to my laptop. I don't see a difference in the GCode. It properly starts with
M190 S60.000000
M109 S200.000000
no matter if it was uploaded from Internet or uploaded from LAN

In the terminal, for the 2 or 3 tries from remote, I found lines dealing with 400°C. Sorry I did not saved it.
In the octoprint log of 2019-05-31 date:

  • The log before 13:53 is related to activities started from internet and with temperature error
  • The log after 13:53 is related to activities started from LAN and without errors so far

Additional information about your setup
OctoPrint version: 1.3.11,
OctoPi version: 0.16,
printer: Alfawise U30,
firmware: latest !,
octoprint.log octoprint.log (15.5 KB)

Specificities of my internet connection setup.
When calling from remote (Internet), I connect to my registered domain via a DNS redirection from DYNDns, reaching the box via HTTPS and Synology NAS reverse proxy to reach octoprint.
Except the speed, all was looking fine

Any idea?

Does the same happen in safe mode? I remember seeing reports of doubled temperatures with a third party plugin, it might have been Filament Manager. Try safe mode, if that fixes it try normal mode but disable Filament Manager. If that fixes it too you have your culprit.

That could be the root cause. I don't have too much plugin but Filament manager is part of them.
Today, it also occurred once during a LAN access. So the WAN is maybe not the key point. Even though I won't see a relation between a plugin which 'just' decrease a number in a small DB and a print file.
The main issue is that it occurs frequently but still randomly. So difficult to reproduce. I will try to enable debugging log. Just in case something can be seen.

I had the same problem ...
Here are my logs at 21:22:11
octoprint.log (315.9 KB)
but I just had this log : "octoprint.util.comm - WARNING - Received an error from the printer's firmware: 0: Extruder switched off. MAXTEMP triggered !"
I have filament manager as well, do you think that's it ? I think this tool is usefull ! but still I don't like that the temperature to be set so higher and not be able to do anything !

Update of the day.
There seems to be a combination where Filament Manager makes the issue. However at the moment I'm not able to reproduce it with a precise step by step.
It is something like

  • Upload a file
  • Select it for printing
  • Select the filament you plan to use
  • print

I will try to provide a precise reproducable scenario.
However, after the filament is selected and you don't touch it anymore, the issue does not seem to occurs anymore

The plugin does appear to store temperature offsets on a per-filament basis. Perhaps this feature has run amok somehow. You might want to create an issue on his/her repository.

I just had a system that reproducted the bug all the time !
on same method than below, temperature is randomly set at 525° c then we have to be careful on all prints.
but if I select a filament without enough filament to finish the job and if I click print, temperature is set to 525° all the way so the system to reproduce to make the bug is :

  • Upload a file
  • Select it for printing ( it needs 155 g to finish the job )
  • Select the filament you plan to use ( spool is 140 g )
  • there is a notification alert
  • print anyway

if filament manager is disabled in plugin manager + reboot it works again.
I've reported the issue there :

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