Error Probing Failed

Hi folks,
Made some improvements/activation of features:

  • BLtouch is probing a little faster and doing 3 probes in each probing point and take the average of them (I think with my tests this approach is more reliable);
  • Activated EXTRAPOLATE_BEYOND_GRID function (to extrapolate probing grid where BLtouch can't go)
  • Activated M600 - Filament Change feature (see in Marlin manual);
  • Removed Smith3D url in titles (just aesthetics, the features in menu are 100% developed by them so all credits for them!) (119.1 KB)

It would be nice if you also include the sources
So other users can check which things you changed and build the firmware on their own :slight_smile:

I was just about to mention this. I like your (@phenriques3000) firmware very much, but I do intent to add a Bullseye mod (Petsfang v2) which requires custom values for my BLTouch offset in the firmware.
Unless there's another way off course?

Hi folks,
The only changes I made was in the configuration, the firmware core are based on the bugfix-2.x of Marlin.
Anyways please use my git repository, I made it public some minutes ago:


You're the greatest. I'm also running your latest firmware and works great. :+1:t3: