External access on octopi

I want to be able to access the Octopi on the go.
Not via an app, but quite normally via the browser.
Best of all with a port release.

I have already tried to tunnel this with a VPN.
I didn't like the solution.

This topic has been discussed at length many places and it's worth googling around a bit.

A couple highlights to get you started:

The OctoPrint FAQ:

A blog post covering all of your options (port forwarding, VPN, plugin comparison)


Which part of the solution didn't you like if I may ask

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I tried it with Open VPN.
Unfortunately the connection is sometimes broken.
if it worked then there was still a high latency because you could not control the axes of the 3d printer properly.

You can do it without a VPN if you have a fixed IP.

Set up the following:

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Just remember that port forwarding directly to the RPi means that the RPi has to ward off any attacks on that port (DDoS or other attempts) and cycles spent warding off attacks could interfere with successful printing.

A VPN implemented in the router moves the warding off of attacks to the router and your RPi merrily prints on without interference.

HAPROXY is single thread by default. The RPi is multi-core, so I don't think warding off attacks would interfere with prints.