Failed to auto detect serial port (Qidi X-pro)

Have you had any success on this.

Hi Guys,
Sorry to be a pain in asking all these questions, I'm new to all of this and need lots of help.
From the picture provided by Stonebaker (Thankyou) I think I know what I need to do.
Do I need to do anything else to get octoprint and Rapberry pi 3+ working.
I've purchased the following :-

  1. Raspberry pie 3+
  2. Pie Camera with170 degrees viewing angle
  3. Flat ribbon cable 100cm for pi to camera
  4. USB to TLL CP2102 UART Module.
  5. Power supply ?????????

Can I take the power supply for the pi off the printer board itself (Camera + and -) terminals or
do I need a converter from the 24v main power supply to 5V. I don't want to blow the pi up.
Thanks for all of your help in advance.

P.s. For me all I want to do is be able to keep an eye on my builds with a camera and be able to stop the print if its all going wrong. I currently use the Qidi print 5.1 and it works fine for me, but should I continue with this for use the software on Octo print.

I would use something like this

Thanks for your help, I've ordered one.