Feed rate & flow rate information - Klipper

For a few days I have no more information of feed rate and flow rate.
Show this error: The feed rate can only be set, it cannot be read back from the firmware due to a limitation of communication protocol.

Octoprint 1.4.2
Klipper firmware

Hello @Roberto_Nettuno!

This was discussed here:


ok friend, TNX

it never gave you the actual flow or feed rate. it only showed as a percentage of what was in the gcode.
if you set your feedrate at 50mm/s in the gcode, the display showing 100 meant 100% of the programmed value, or 50mm/s if you wasnted to slow it down to 45mm/s, that would be 90% of 50mm/s so you would put in 90. if you wanted it back to 50mm/s you would put in 100.