Filament Runout Pause with Printer built in sensors

I am using a Formbot T-Rex 3.0 that I currently have Octoprint hooked up to. It appears to be working correctly as far as I can tell. The T-Rex 3.0 has filament runout sensors built in, and I was wondering if they would work with octoprint to pause the print. I have not tested running filament out if it does or not. I was wondering if the octoprint would just keep sending commands to the printer and if the printer would not notify the pi to stop sending gcode.

It's really going to be dependent on the firmware that the printer is using. If the filament runout sends an action command back to connected clients (like octoprint) that a pause has been done, then yes, OctoPrint will actually pause as long as the bundled Action Command Prompt Support plugin is not disabled.

Careful, the quoted plugin is for specific action commands that control prompts. Regular pause, resume and cancel commands are always supported. The firmware just had to send a pause command on runout. A prompt offering to resume after fixing the issue would also be nice and possible, but it is very unlikely the firmware implements that already.

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