Get rid of mjpg_streamer

I come from astroprint, and I know that my setup can deliver an appreciable stream without lags and good resolution.

After installing octoprint I've tried with raspicam (the original one, latest version) and with a webcam.

With raspicam the stream is very slow.
With webcam is a little bit faster, but always slow, and for this setup sometimes mjpg_streamer stucks and no image comes from webcam.

Iìve tried killing mjpg_streamer, sometimes it comes back without any command and re-start streaming till the next time it freezes.

I want to stream in an alternative way, do you have any suggestion? The only requirement is that the stream can be accessibile from octoprint web interface in a reliable way.

Thank you

A bit more information would be helpful.
What pi are you using and is it on wifi or lan?

I'm using a 3b+ with wifi (5ghz), but as I said with the same hardware and the same wan connection on astroprint the video was very fluid (but I think they encode using h264, I'm not a video expert though)

If I'm not mistaken astroprint uses raspivid piped to gstreamer.
there are several similar approaches but I haven't testet one myself

Here is the astroprint camera part on github

and here two things I found while I googled the topic

Maybe another user got more ideas :slight_smile:

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Looks like astroprint also uses webrtc in the backend. There was a discussion at the link below to get that to work.Not sure if it progressed any further though.

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