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Hate the 1.4.2 Want to go back to older Version

Upgraded to 1.4.2 and now I would like to ga back to older version. In 1.4.2 you can't increase or decrease speed of the print or Flow rate of the filament.
The % only goes up and not down.
When I increase the flow rate by 5% actually my flow rate stop all together destroying the print.

How are you entering it in the fields? Should it be entered as 105% to go up and 95% to go down? Based on the release notes the only thing that has changed is the display.

Properly reflect on the UI that feed rate and flow rate modifiers are write-only ephemeral values that cannot be read back from the firmware by removing permanent display.

Well at least it should show the 100% on the beginning this way I will know what to do. And after I set let say to 90% it should stay that way on display and not go back to nothing.....

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Here is a guide on how to downgrade:

Actually, if I use the flowrate feature in OctoPrint, I use it to optimize the filament settings.
When I found the proper settings, I take over the results to the slicer and never touch the flowrate feature in OctoPrint again.


Issue with this, is there is no way to tell if it is modified on the printer's end (ie.LCD knob) so it caused more confusion having the wrong value, than no value at all.


Yes but that part should be of the program it self. I know that I set the flow let say at 90% on printer. So let say program shows 100% so I still know I had at 90% on printer. Now I lower down by 10% (100%-10%) so that should give me 81% on printer. And it should stay at 90% on the program so when I look I know that I changed the flow by 10%. So it has nothing to do read Value from the printer but only at the program side.

Quick question: how does OctoPrint know to set it to 81%, if you told it 90%? See, same issue, it has no idea what is set on the printer.

As a user, if anything I would be MORE confused if I set to 90 on printer, then 90 on OctoPrint and it turned out at 81.


Also, the problems behind the removal are half caused by people forgetting which they do (not unreasonable if you make a long print), so your solution I'm afraid would cause exponentially more problems, if it was actually possible

But it get's much more confusing if you have something different than 100% with your slicer settings

OctoPrtint doesn't have to know you know. There is no confusion here. If I had 90% - 10%=81%
How confusing that is....

No it's not. No matter what your slicer is you can calculate the settings.
95% - 10% = 9.5% so what hard is that.
Other wise it looks like no one is using this future. Because is confusing to every one. That how it looks like.
I personally don't see the problem..... Just let them display a 100 % and after change it will stay to show what your value change was and not disappearing to blank.

I might be wrong but afaik there is no lower it by 10% command.
If you already set your printer to 90%, then set octoprint to 90% it's still 90%.

Yeah no. Other people had issues with the way it was before.
We told you why it was changed and you don't have to like it. Your choice.
If you want it the old way you are free to downgrade or write a plugin at any time.

No it's not 90% because it's lower by 10%. 90% on Printer =100% on OctoPrint - 10% on Octoprint which is 90% which makes printer lower by 10% which is 81%

And yes I will change but I couldn't found the older versions of OctoPrint....
Can you give me the link for it.

That's the way of the tutorial with the 1.3.12 url

This might also work but haven't tested it for downgrading - just for upgrading

~/oprint/bin/pip install --force-reinstall OctoPrint==1.3.12
sudo service octoprint restart

I'm not quite sure when this was changed because I'm on developer builds most of the time.
I think it came with 1.4.1 so you could also downgrade to 1.4.0.

I hope you downgraded successfully.

Now that's sorted, let's play a game. I'm thinking of a number, can you tell me what 10% lower is?

Well I just re do the Image file for the older version.
I don't know if you guys are using that future or not. But I would like to know if you do then how you calculate the values?

I am fairly sure that the numbers you enter are NOT cumulative. So if you set 90% once, and then set 90% again, the second 90% will not have any effect, because the rate is already 90%. Setting back to 100% will change the flow- or feed- rate back to what is specified in the gcode. This is how it is in and how it was in 1.4.1 and before.

Yes, if you set to 90% you will have 90% (Printer setting would be 81%) if my printer was set 90% in slicer. but if I set to 95% then I increase my flow by 5%.and on printer I will increase by 5% too which would be 81%+4.5%=85.5% on printer flow. And if I go to 100% then I will have a 100% same as Printer was set to 90%. That is not hard to understand and I don't know why they removed that future and out blank settings...... But right now at 1.4.2 I don't have anything that shows and I I did change I don't know what I change too. I don't see a logic here.....

That's why I'm looking for 1.4.? that the % still shows but I have the 1.3.12 only. I wish there would be an image for the 1.4.?

You are confusing two things. If you set a flow amount in your slicer, it will output each extrusion gcode command multiplied by that value. If you change the flow rate in OctoPrint, it does not change the gcode commands, but instead it sends an M221 command, which instructs the firmware to multiply all extrusion values set in the gcode on the fly.

If you set your flow in your slicer to 90% (or 0.9) and then issue the M221 command from OctoPrint, the effect would indeed be the same as setting it to 0.81 in your slicer. However, if you send the M221 command again with the 90% multiplier, the result will still be 0.81, NOT 0.72.

This has not changed between 1.4 and 1.4.1 1.4.1 and 1.4.2. What has changed is that the percentage is now displayed write-only.

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