How to display full file names?

Hi, when I logged on OctoPrint via a web browser, a list of files are shown at the lower left corner. However, only a very small part of the file names are shown. For example 9122ae~1.gco. Is there any way that I can have OctoPrint to display the full filenames?

These are the files on the SD card in your printer.
For more information see here:

Prusa offers a M20 version with L or T.
The L is the LONG version.

Can I make octoprint send the "M20 L" instead the M20 some where in a configuration?

Hello @JPG_master !

AFAIK, this is hard coded. Also, the software behind that has to manage that.

Hi @Ewald_Ikemann
But .. when i issue the M20 L also the list left in the panel is updated to LONG names :wink: so I assume the SW behind would manage it.

Shortfall only is .. in any case, folder name still are in DOS 8.3 even in the Terminal Output Window.
anyhow .. I always manually can issue the M20 L

With software behind I meant that one that puts into the file lists etc.

Yes .. me as well .. or better ... the Displaying part in the browser .... it does

see long filename in the picture from Octorpint in browser .. but also see in grey and with smaller font the folder structure in DOS 8.x

Is that one from your SD card?

Yes... the setting in that file display panel ( WRENCH rightmost in row where SD-Card symbol sits ) it is set to display SD-Card content only :wink:

this is why I would be interested that Octoprint can be configured which M20 version to send :muscle:

OctoPrint will automatically send the M20 L command if the printer reports EXTENDED_M20 in its capability report. The capabilities are reported with M115.


Hi, good call. The results do not really support this .. see below, pls:
Send: M115
Recv: FIRMWARE_NAME:Prusa-Firmware 3.10.1 based on Marlin FIRMWARE_URL:GitHub - prusa3d/Prusa-Firmware: Firmware for Original Prusa i3 3D printer by PrusaResearch PROTOCOL_VERSION:1.0 MACHINE_TYPE:Prusa i3 MK3S EXTRUDER_COUNT:1 UUID:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Recv: Cap:EXTENDED_M20:1
Recv: ok
Send: M155 S2
Recv: ok
Recv: MMU => '106ok'
Recv: MMU <= 'S2'
Recv: MMU => '372ok'
Recv: MMU version valid
Recv: MMU <= 'M1'

but ...

only after I MANUALL send the M20 L it changes - see next reply .. I am limited

???? Octoprint improvement required ???


Could you provide a system info bundle?