How to install an previous release of Octoprint from scratch

Hello everybody,

Is someone could explain to me how to install a previous version of octoprint, in my case release 1.8.7?
I mean on a blank disc without downgrading.
I found this topic but not sure it's exactly what I want:

It seems to me it's to downgrade the system but I'm not sure.

Thanks for your help


Grab the image from this release and flash it to SD card.

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Great, it works.
If you please, one more question.
Do you know the trouble with GRBL application and octoprint release 1.9.2?l ?
It seems the USB port does'nt work correctly.
This is the reason why I have to install the release 1.8.7.
I red this issue on the discord and haven't found any solution.

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