Installed OctoPi on Astrobox, can't connect to my WiFi


Hello, I purchased an Astrobox - Raspberry Pi 3. I want to switch over to Octoprint. I installed Octoprint to a new SD card and everything installed. I set-up the text file to connect to my wifi.

My question is. Does Astro print change the Raspberry pi hardware? I cannot see the pi and not sure how to find the ip now? The default Raspberry pi IPs are not connecting.

Thank you

OctoPrint, OctoPi and the Raspberry Pi 3+

Take a look at this FAQ entry:


AstroPrint does not change the hardware. If you remove that SD card and put in another one, your PI should never know the AstroPrint card was in there.

I'm not sure there is a "default Raspberry Pi IP". If you've run through the link Gina referred to and still have problems, come back here and let us know what you've tried and what you are seeing. (One of the paragraphs near the end of that post has a link to "other diagnostic commands. That link also has a few ways of finding the Pi's IP address on your WiFi network.)