Intamsys Funmat HT

We have connected Octoprint to our Intamsys Funmat HT Enhanced Printer.
The Printer doess not do the right actions when starting a print, e.g. doesnt heat up, taking the right temperatur for the material. Does sombody have the right setup for this printer?

Additional information about your setup

We use Octoprint and the

It would be way more easy if you would not have deleted parts of the template that showed up when you started this thread.

So did you try in safe mode?

And logs are quite vital to make an assumption for what is going wrong.

IΒ΄m sorry - itΒ΄s my first time in this forum.

I now think, the main reason for octoprint running not smooth on the Intamsysprinter is, that settings like "preheat-time, nozzle temp, bed-temp, chamber-temp" are configurated in the printer. So the G-Code created with Intamsuite ist only a piece without information without preheat-time, nozzle temp, bed-temp, chamber-temp.

I'm afraid this printer is not that often in use by the forum members here.

The printer's company is quite restrictive with their information: For most everything they want to have my persona data.

For it seems to be a industrial machine, The firmware seems to be "optimized" for their needs and it may be difficult to attach the printer to OctoPrint.

If you can mange to share the logs (<- this is a link), we can see what could be possible to make it run.

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octoprint.log (172.7 KB)

I am also trying to use octoprint to work with a Intamsys Funmat HT Enhanced and it is not working right,

when i am able to work through octoprint the LCD touch stops working and octoprint does not detect all the tools, plus the z axis works upside down, also when you clic retract the printer actually extrude,

i attached the log files,

any help would be really help full, im trying to be able to print during the night,

Alejandro castro
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Hiho :slight_smile:

We also need the serial.log :slight_smile:

Please activate serial logging, connect to the printer, do some stuff (especially the stuff that doesn't work)

and upload the systeminfo bundle (click on the link for further instructions :slight_smile: )

The firmware appears to be a fork of Marlin and the slicer a fork of Ultimaker Cura and there appears to be a USB port so I'm guessing that OctoPrint can be configured to work.