Is my Printer safe with newest Firmware (i3 mega)

Hey Team,

first of all i want to say thank you for creating octoprint. I don't need to tell you much about octoprint, you all know how great this peace of software is. :wink:

I own a anycubic i3 Mega printer and it worked out of the box using octoprint. But octoprint tells me constantly to upgrade my firmware.

But i can not find a solution in this thread, or maybe i overlooked it somehow.

I can check my printers firmware version using the onboard lcd. It says it is Verion 1.1.0.
Here i can find a new version from the manufacturer:
It is Version 1.1.2.
Can anyone confirm, that this version is safe in terms of fire risk?
And if not, how to solve my issue?

I want to sure it is safe before i start printing again.

Please help me :slight_smile:

thank you in advance!

P.S.: my printer is an anycubic i3 mega. I bought it some days ago and i don't know which variant it is. I read that there are different available. I can find out if necessay and if you tell me how to find out :slight_smile: