Is the process for adding a second camera properly documented anywhere?

I upgraded from octopi 0.15 to 0.18. Everything is working except for my second USB webcam, because the instructions I used previously ( no longer apply.

Specifically, the file /etc/init.d/webcamd no longer exists and I can't figure out what has replaced it.

After spending 10 minutes searching on the web, it appears that this process is not properly documented for octopi 0.18.

Can someone please help?

This one should still work

That is a lot kludgier than it used to be under 0.15. Why has support for multiple cameras gotten worse in 0.18?

Technically multiple webcam support is natively done my mjpg streamer, it just isn't implemented in the webcam daemon at all.

It's not got any worse than what you would have done previously, just instead of copying the files (as it is done in the tutorial you linked) the one PrintedWeezl linked gets you to manually create the files. Yes, they are in different places though.

Chris' Basement on YouTube:
OctoPi 0.18 - Multi Printers & Cameras On 1 Pi - Chris's Basement - YouTube