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Is there a version of RPi that does not have lost connection issue?

What is the problem?

After so many months this "server shutdown" issue is still around. Now I see another thread that other users with other versions of Pi are having this issue. Is there a version of RPi that is not affected by server shutdown issue?

What did you already try to solve it?

See the above thread.

As far as I'm aware there is no mass issue with connectivity. I've used RPi 2 Model B, RPi 3 Model B+ , and RPi 4 Model B without any issue and so have many others.


I've run the 2, 3 and 4's and I don't have issues with wifi shutting down or loosing connection. Been running Octoprint over 2 years without any issues

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You are about to get a lot of people saying that their Pi works for them. OctoPrint has over 115k tracked installs, with only a relative handful having issues.

No mass issues with any of them - people have issues with Wifi on both the Pi 3 and 4.

Does “tracked installs” detect that? Cuz the affected ones will be offline until they restart router or Pi. After they get back online, do they send error reports?

It doesn't, but we can tell from the number of people who come to the forums to tell us that their Pi went offline. There is an issue, since it really should not happen at all but it is nowhere near the numbers that would make it a mass issue.

What printer and firmware are you running?

You think that a certain printer firmware affects the wifi connectivity?

Seems a bit far-fetched

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In this thread, there is a mention that the problem is due to Raspian rather than Octoprint.

However, if it is Raspian issue, why other users have no problem? Besides RPi, are there other controllers that could work fine with Octoprint?

I have a RPI3 B+ from another project. I guess I should try it out and see if it gets better. Having 7 lost connection issues in a day is quite annoying.

I am using Prusa i3MK3S/3S+ with the latest Firmware 3.9.3. However, I have been having issues for months with other firmware versions.

Possibly, recent 2.0 bugfix versions are known to have connectivity issues.Also there are printers with issues but if you'd rather make smart comments than provide obvious information that you should have provided in the first place, don't bother.

between the printer and the host - yes
but not between pi and the home network.

what are you talking about? OP saw posts about wifi issues with different Pis and asked if there is a Pi that doesn't have this kind of problems.

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My bad, I assumed your post was from OP. Nevertheless it seems like a harmless question.

@newtooctoprint Apologies, seems like a lot of people are taking out their Covid fired frustration, seems like I'm one of them. I didn't even bother to both read and understand your original post. Once again, sorry for being an arse.

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I have used Octoprint on an rpi3 and an rpi4 over the past few months, and never have a connectivity issue.

However, I had a Duet 2 Wifi that would always drop within 5 minutes. That was during setup, only a few feet from the router, and it went on for a couple weeks. I thought it was a faulty wifi board, so I just set it up with the sd card. I put it in a box and when I pulled it out later to finish it, I never had one drop out. The only difference was a router restart, and turning the Duet 90 degrees. I do not think the latter resolved the issue. And, yes, that router had been restarted before.

And my Pi Zero W...that's been connected for a full year, down a flight and across the house from the router, and it has not dropped once that I know of.

I use a 3+ and no problems since I changed to the official power supply.


Been using 5 Pis on 5 printers for two years, NEVER had a "server shutdown"

I think we've seen more issues with the latest gen of Pi 4 with the new bootloader.

I have two Pi4s and both lose WiFi on a random basis, I recently switched to USB WiFi adapters for both, hoping to resolve the problem, but they still lose connection and I am unable to ping after connection is lost.