Is there a way to connect to the SKR E3 mini v1.2 SD card THROUGH the Octoprint/raspberry pi

I have a SKR E3 mini v1.2 board with my Ender 3. The SKR has a microsd that, when plugged into a computer via USB mounts like a regular drive. When you update/modify the firmware you have to unplug the printer from the PI, plug it into the laptop and go. Now if you do it only once in a while it is not bad, but when setting up a new firmware, you might be dis/connecting 10+ times.

I am wondering if there a way to connect to the SKR SD card THROUGH the Octoprint/raspberry pi?! Sure would be convenient!!

thanks for any advice!

You might try to install...

sudo apt-get install usbmount

...then reboot. Then look in /media for a subfolder that looks like the contents of the microSD card you're interested in.

If this works, would I have to go out to the raspberry pi's shell? or would I be able to access it through Octoprint?

If you're looking to just print the gcode files that are already stored on the printer's card then you might be able to do this already just from the Files side panel widget.

If you need to actually stream them from the Pi to the printer then wouldn't it be easier to just upload them to the Pi via the web interface?

Attempting to mount the printer's card so that you can bring them to the Pi so that you can stream them back just seems like a lot of extra work.

Let me try and be more clear. My Ender 3 has a SKR E3 mini v1.2 board which has a microsd card. There are two ways the sd card is used by the board 1. Gcode files can be put on the card and printed directly. I don't need the card for this purpose as I have Octoprint. 2. To flash firmware to the board, you put a file, firmware.bin, in the root directory of the sd card. When the machine starts, it flashes the firmware file to the board. I need to access the card for this purpose.

So, what I am asking if I can access the SKR SD card from my laptop, through the octoprint interface on the raspberry pi. Again, I don't want to put gcode files to print on the SKR card. I want access to the SKR card for uploading firmware to the board.

Hopefully this is more clear. Thanks!

Using the usbmount method, you won't be able to access that card via OctoPrint as far as I know. It might work with something like the Firmware Updater plugin without all this, though.

So it sounds like you want to push a new firmware.bin from your workstation into that remote card in the printer with the Pi as the middleman.

  • Do the usbmount method I described before
  • Figure out where that landed, for example, /dev/usb1
  • Create a folder on your Pi: mkdir ~/fw-uploads
  • From your laptop use something like scp to push the file within the Pi's home directory: scp firmware.bin pi@octopi.local:~/fw-uploads/.
  • From the Pi, copy it sideways as the root user: sudo cp /home/pi/fw-uploads/firmware.bin /media/usb1/.

The reason for all this is that usbmount mounts the USB devices using the root's credentials rather than the pi user's. And since the default OctoPi image doesn't allow you to ssh in as the root user then you can't directly push into a root-only sort of folder area.

The more complicated way to do what you are wanting to do, is have the pi automatically mount the usb card when the pi boots. Then you can share the directory with samba and have a remote mount on your pc. When running a build process with vscode and, it will normally search drives for a firmware.cur to find the upload folder when the build process is complete. Sometimes it works and othertimes you have to copy your firmware.bin file manually. But this is the better way to have it all automated.

If its only really for flashing the board, then yes, it is possible and I got my SKR v1.3 to do it and they are both lpc1768 I think

I cannot remember who's recipe I followed to get it to work - but I know I use the firmware flash from within Octoprint which prompts you to select the flashfile on your PC/Laptop, which gets copied to the root of the SD card, then you simply click flash

As far as I can remember - It involved automounting the SD card on the SKR (possibly from PI's command line?), and I /might/ have had to configure something in Marlin
(sorry it was a long time ago)

I will try and find the article I followed...might have been on reddit or something...I found it by just Googling phrases

If I find the article I will try and link it


It might have been this -
there is a note about it not working with the Mini E3 - but if you follow the link ( )- it looks like it might have been resolved - or at least it looks like it is working for one chap 8 days ago!
If it works it might be worth chiming in to on there say if it does or does not work for you

Good luck