Just another OptoPrint to Ender problem

Okay all:
First off, I am very new here, and new to the Raspberry Pi world. So please have some patience with me.
As I hope this allows me to upload the snap shots I have of my setup.
This is all hooked to an Ender-3 MAX, running Marlin, Ver It has the V4.2.2 board installed.
And I have tried a few cables, none made a difference, ergo, why I'm here.

I'd like to preview this post before I hit "post", but it dosen't seem to have that option, so I hope my snaps show up.
Any help with what to look for would be great. I did see that the Raspberry did power my Ender screen, and saw a couple of post that mentioned this, and taping a pin, but it's a ubs to usb-micro, so I'm lost as to what to tape.

You would probably be best off starting with this post from a few hours ago:



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