Kernel Panic, out of ideas


I am getting the kernel panic error talked about here:

I have followed solutions here, including all 6 micro SD cards I have on hand, including one brand new one, tried imaging with Etcher and Win32, re downloading the image, tried the keyboard trick (holding shift during boot) to no avail, tried with both a Pi 2 and 3 B+, and at this point, I'm out of ideas.

Any help would be extremely appreciated. Printing on an Ender 3.


I assume your PS is appropriate.
What are the exact steps when you prepare your SD card before you insert it into the RasPi?


Are your error numbers (179,2) the exact same? Any errors or warnings before that in the boot?


If it were me, I'd insert the microSD into an SD adapter and then insert that into a booted Ubuntu workstation. It should then mount both partitions. I'd then use perhaps gparted to take a look to verify that the second partition isn't trashed.