Letsencrypt (certbot) octopi is possible?

What is the problem?

I found nothing over the internet...
I did a clean installation on my raspberry pi OctoPrint.org - Download & Setup OctoPrint with the standard tutorial
and everything works fine but I want to reach it from my domain with https protocol.
Maybe there is a way to run the webserver on a reverse proxy such as Nginx than use Certbot? problem is with default configuration it locks ports 80 and 443 so I don't know how to remove and try to do via Nginx, creating my personal configuration in site_avaible and redirect the pot over my own domain.

Someone else mentioned this tutorial is what they followed to get it to work. haproxy is what octoprint uses by default if you installed the octopi image.

However: since it requires port forwarding I strongly recommend you secure the haproxy frontend as well. I documented my approach here. You may even be able to utilize the certificate provided by letsencrypt possibly.