Lookingot access the pi from away from y network questions

I can access the octoprint.local from my network on any device ( even tried the ps4 lol ). I want to access it from work or via net access when at work or about to check on the prints. or in a rare case to start a print as i m almost always running both the pi and the printer on ( even if idle ) I specially want to be able to stop a print if i see it screwing up while away from home. I hate to waste filament since i don't have the large collection of rolls or supplies of it on hand to keep the rolls. I know there is a way to do this as i seen it before and such.
specs if matter verzion fois router
pi 3B ( with lcd screen)
32 gig micro hooked to a Ender 3v2 printer with jyers 2.0.1 firmware

You may have a look on this:


A full list of remote access plugins:


The Telegram plugin is pretty easy to get working IMO and works pretty well. You can get current status, current picture if you have a camera, tell it to stop, etc. You could also replace your verizon router with a generic one, install dd-wrt firmware, and set up an openvpn server which would allow you to access the full octoprint web interface by first connecting to your vpn. More work but greater flexibility, especially if you'd like to connect to your home network for other things too.

:warning: edit by mod: we strongly advise against portforwarding :warning:

I use a web service called ddns.net. It grants me access to my OctoPi from anywhere. The service costs me $50/year, well worth it. Here is a link to a video.
How to Setup DDNS and NoIP to access your Raspberry Pi from anywhere in the world | Port forwarding - YouTube

no offense, but that is a very bad advice

You don't want to expose your printer to the interned via a simple port forward!

Either use one of the plugins that @Charlie_Powell mentioned or use vpn.
Also, I recommend reading the post forwarded by @Ewald_Ikemann.

@jferrari6803 if you want to save some money just use a free ddns provider like duckdns.

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