Mjpg-streamer and Overlay with current print informations

I'm looking for a solution..
I want use mjpg-streamer for see my rapicam (or usb cam) with an overlay layer on it that see me the current print informations (layer number, time to prinit, time to left, etc..)
Is it possible ?
..and how ?

Hi @Vincent_CR10S,
IMHO there are two ways to do this:

  1. via Browser Image-Overlay
  2. "manipulate" the stream on the server
  1. the easiest way do add some overlay information to a stream is via html/javascript. As an example you can look into the control tab

  2. Addling informations on the server-side is a little bit tricky. I did this for my Spool-Scanner (added a red-box), see Filament database
    Also you need to take a look here: Text/Video streaming didn't work with Blueprint

Hi, thanks !
Do you know where are the originals files html used by octopi ? what filepath ?