Monitor multiple printers

I think it'd be incredibly useful to be able to connect to multiple printers in a single interface. I'd think it'd be a tabbed interface or something.

This question comes up regularly, and there are already solutions for this:

OctoPrint only supports one printer, you need other software to connect them.

You know what has a tabbed interface? Your webbrowser...


The tab in my browser (Firefox on Windows) identifies the print progress and status, i.e. "0%-(operational)". Maybe it would be helpful for multiple printers to have the name of the printer included, i.e. "Prusa1 0%-(operational)".

This identification is from a plugin, not default OctoPrint...

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I figured out a useful answer to this question -

In OctoPrint, click on the wrench (settings) OctoPrint/Appearance. Fill in the Title with the name of the printer. The tab in your web browser will now be this name followed by [OctoPrint], e.g. "Prusa 1 [OctoPrint]".

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So Cura only works one printer at a time. Can we send print jobs for each printer one after another or only print at a time?

I got how to send print jobs to each printer by just selecting a different printer and sending the appropriate build to that printer. Sigh… all I needed to do was try.

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