Moving from Pi3 to Pi4

If I am moving from a Pi3 to a Pi4, do I need to create a fresh install of Octoprint, or can I just move the SD card from the old board to the new one?

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Hello @jrprinter !

You may get some hints from this thread:

Hi, Ewald!

I took a look at that thread and it's about moving from one model of Pi4 to another. The solution mentions updating the OS and the boot firmware, but it seems if I did that on the Pi3 before transferring the card to the Pi4, it wouldn't update properly for the Pi4.

If I move the card into the Pi4 and then run the updates, will it boot properly in the Pi4 before I update the OS and the firmware?

Also, I connect to the network through Ethernet, so I'm not too worried about WiFi.


The basic information are the same:
What OctoPi version do you have?
Can that handle the RasPi 4 without upgrading ?
Is it worth the effort (upgrading can take some time).

And at least: just try the card from the Pi3 in the Pi4.

What makes you think this? It works for all Pi models, but if you have flashed OctoPi 0.18 then you are already good.

I recall reading something about how they changed the Pi4 hardware so that the Raspbian was a tiny bit different when installed on a Pi4.


I'm running the current version of OctoPi on the 3B+ right now.


So it's 0.18.0?

You can find it on the bottom left of the web GUI.

Well, I thought I was on 0.18.0, but apparently I'm on 0.17.0...

How so?
If you update the OS of the Octopi 0.17.0 image it should be even newer than the OS of the Octopi 0.18.0 image.

The update is the same for all pis - the pi 4 doesn't update the OS in any other way.

I tried plugging the SD card from the Pi3 into the Pi4; it looked like it booted, but I got nothing on the screen (a BTT PiTFT50). When I booted a new SD build, the screen displayed what was going on.