Multiple cams with new camera stack on Octopi


I have been running Octopi for about 4 years now. I had also another Raspberry running MotionEye with a PiCam and 2 Logitech C270 cams. I finally decided to move Octopi with the new camera stack.
Made a backup in Octoprint, replaced the microSD card with a fresh build of Octopi with camera stack and rebooted, without any camera attached (not even the PiCam).
Connected one of the C270 cams on an USB port. http://octopi.local/webcam/control finds it and tells me it should be available on port http://octopi.local:8080/* (E.g. http://octopi.local:8080/stream). But nothing shows up on this port....
Now, I found here Octopi Pi Camera Port 8080 Does not work that Octopi does not export port 8080, and I should use http://octopi.local/webcam/, which indeed works.
So my question is, how do I add the two other cams, if I can't use the 8080, 8081, etc... ports?

Thnx for you help!

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Hello @Jiheffe !

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To add additional cameras issue the command "sudo add-usb-camera" command from the console.

This will add new configuration files in /boot/camera-streamer/
Then make sure you edit the file to get the camera to respond to the new port in the options line.

e.g. This is what I use for each of my Logitech's...

OPTIONS='--http-listen="" --camera-format="MJPEG" --camera-auto_focus="0"'

Note this is documented here on one of the other threads about setting up cameras.

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@Ewald_Ikemann , sorry for mis-posting, I will do better next time :upside_down_face: :wink:

@opjose , thnx a bunch, this worked for me :sunglasses: !

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