My Octoprint server wont start?

For long time I had this server running on Windows 10 - working nicely - today I would start up again and found out my pc had got another IP-address - I fixed that and it ran a little longer in the setup procedure and the STOPS with this on the screen in the CMD window and it never comes further:

2020-02-01 09:50:14,173 - octoprint.plugins.tracking - INFO - Sent tracking event pong, payload: {'plugins': u'betterheatertimeout:1.2.0,octolapse:0.3.4,cancelobject:0.3.3,excluderegion:0.2.0,heatertimeout:0.0.1,themeify:1.2.0,printtimegenius:2.1'}

I don't know what to do now - HELP !

I'm running Windows 10 1803 fully updated - same version when it was running well.
I've got a Creality CR10s PRO with TinyMachines SW

Sadly you deleted the template when you opened this thread.
So some important informations are missing, like logs...

I did not delete it, but as a novice I can't know/find what's behind 'version numbers, relevant log files' - how should I ?

Now you told me - and I think that's what fora is for - right - here are the log files for my attempt to start the server this morning.

octoprint.log (64.7 KB) plugin_octolapse.log (56 Bytes) plugin_PrintTimeGenius_engine.log (50 Bytes) serial.log (149 Bytes)

I can see my problem has to do with serial communication is down - but where should I turn it on again:

Settings ... yeah, but settings where ?

Are you sure you can't reach octoprint with ?

How should I when the server id NOT started as writen in my first posting.

I've tried .... 404 !

I now re-installed it all over again from this guide:

but when I start the server with this:
octoprint serve

it stops again at the same spot as in my first posting !

How can I ever get to some 'Settings' to turn on this serial com ???

SOS, MAYDAY ... I need to fis this very much, so please help !

I said it was my com that was down ... I don't know - I just red one of the log-files and found this as a problem there - but in fact I don't know what the log files are saying.- maybe some other thing is wrong !

somebody must know out there ... and now the log files are there it should be no problem for a PRO - right ?

There are settings stored in:

Did you clear those before reinstall?

No I didn't - should I ?

I'll get back to the issue soon, because I want to use Windows to host the OctoPrint-server - it has been SO NICE till it broke down.

I would rather like to know WHY it broke down in the first place.

Ok. the machine got a different IP-address eventhough the DHCP-server was setup up to let the addresses last forever - don't know why it was changed anyway.

Too, it seems stupid you have to re-install everything - but maybe it's the fastest way to just re-install.

Probably not because IP changed. I don't see why that would matter. Byt yeah I'd try to clear all settings before reinstall just in case.

In that same directory you have config.yaml also, in which you can changed settings with a text editor.