Need to update an older Octoprint (1.3.12)

So.... I don't think I ever updated my install of Octoprint since I first installed it a few years ago.. I am running 1.3.12. I remember seeing an announcement a few years ago about having to update manually, but didn't pay much attention to it.
So... the question is, what is the best way to update, without just installing a clean install?


A fresh flash of the latest OctoPi image is honestly the best approach. Can't remember if 1.3.12 has the backup plugin, but if it does you can create a backup from it, download the zip file, and restore the backup during the initial setup wizard on a newly flashed image.

Check in the settings if you're able to update. In theory you can update to 1.7 with the old Python 2 version that is currently installed on your Pi.
Then create the backup and do what @jneilliii suggested :slight_smile:

I can do a backup, and did, however I get errors when trying to update to the latest, but that is probably because the latest is not compatible with the older Python 2. How do I specify what version to update to with the software updater in Octoprint, or will I have to use the command line?


you have to use command line - but if you get errors in the updater you will probably also get them there

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