Network setup changed, cannot login to Octoprint

What is the problem?

My house internet provider and wifi setup changed. Now octopi connects to new wifi ok, but now server ip is different than previously. I can ssh octopi server. I cannot login to octoprint with my old username and password!

What did you already try to solve it?

I tried to change my previous username’s password with ssh according to instructions, but it says that username does not exist!

What can I do?

You may have a look on this:

Are you using the system username and password for the Pi, or the OctoPi username and password? They are not the same (unless you specifically set it up to be the same). If you can SSH in to the Pi, but can't connect to the Octopi server, I suspect you are trying to use your Raspberry Pi system username and PW to log in to Octopi

No, I am using correct octoprint username I used earlier. It is stored in my iMac’s keychain.

Please do not mix up OctoPi and OctoPrint.

The credentials for OctoPi are:

user: pi
password: raspberry (or what ever you typed in when you changed it with the Pi Imager.)

Use these when you want to login via SSH, FTP etc.

For OctoPrint, what is the print server:

user: what you typed in when you first started OctoPrint
password: what you typed in when you first started OctoPrint

Thank you for the correction. I misspoke.

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