New Camera Stack Crashes

Camera model

unbranded 8mm endoscope camera
Cheap unbranded "HD" Chinese webcam

What is the problem?

Can get both cameras working, but camera-streamer will just crash. Just reloaded Pi 4 with latest OctoPi. Still working on setup so can't pin down a consistent issue. Most recent failure, I had the streams up and soon as I started printing they stopped.

What did you already try to solve it?

Re-plugged Cams
systemctl restart camera-streamer
journalctl -xe

Have you tried running in safe mode?

Not yet, print still running

Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


Systeminfo Bundle

You can download this in OctoPrint's System Information dialog ... no bundle, no support!) (188.6 KB)

Additional information about your setup

OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ... as much data as possible

OctoPrint/OctoPi latest as of 2/23/24 (flashed from Raspberry Pi Flasher last night - new cam stack)
Ender 3 OG, Modded with BTT E3 V3 mainboard.
Browser: Chrome (current)
OS: Windows 11
Cams attached to a mini USB hub that has a split-USB for data+addtl power. Data line plugged into Pi4, power line plugged into my nearby PC. Hub has only the 2 cams plugged in.
Plugged into the pi are a USB3 stick that has OctoPi on it (boots from USB), the printer, and the USB hub.
Pi is powered by buck converter. No power warnings in octoprint.

Connect SSH. Run;
sudo renice -15 -p $(pgrep 'camera-streamer')

Gives streamer a higher priority.
see if this helps. If it does please reply and I will tell you how to add on startup.

Good luck,

Try increasing the number of camera buffers to 10 or so.

After increasing the buffers I am able to run 4 simultaneous cameras, though not at full resolution, w/o crashes.

See what is running and taking all of your processor time.
Through SSH, run;
htop {Enter}

{CTRL} C (to exit)

What processes are staying at the top???