Newbie to Octoprint I can't login in to Octo on 7" Ras Display

Running Octoprint on new Rasberry PI 4b
Attached 7" Rasberry touchscreen
When I power on the system asks for "octopi login: and Password
I enter the login name and password that created online on Octoprint but these do not work on the 7" screen

Re-Imaged microSD with Octoprint reinstalled created new login credentials

default "pi" and "rasberry" don't work either.


You didn't mention if you were trying to login locally on the Pi or remotely via ssh. But you can always mount the microSD in your workstation and take this advice.

This is correct. The name and password you created in the web interface is only valid in the web interface. The "octopi login" and password requested are a username and password for the underlying Linux operating system. By default, this is "pi" and "raspberry" (as you have tried). Make sure your caps-lock is not on; the password is case-sensitive. International keyboards may also make entering a password challenging if they are not yet configured.

OctoPrint is intended as a "headless" server, which you access from a different computer on the network. What you are trying to do is add a "local" screen. This can be done, but it requires some additional steps, including logging in to the underlying OS, installing some additional software and making some configurations there.

Sorry I'm think the answer is I'm trying to logon locally or with a keyboard and touchscreen connected directly to the PI 4B

Ok thank you I have entered the name and password in lowercase and just to check the keyboard I entered the password in the name field just to confirm "rasberry" so I am still mystified as to what the issue is...

I should mention that when I enter name it shows "pi" then when it prompts password I enter "rasberry" and the cursor doesn't move nor does it show any entry of characters

and i'm using a BT keyboard not sure if that makes any difference

It is spelt “raspberry” with a p

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When typing in the password, the cursor does not move.

Ha what a dummy I am... So can you run octopi within the local machine (pi 4b)?

If you have installed Octopi, there is a script to install the desktop. By default, there is no desktop as it is not often needed, for Octoprint. From there, you can install a browser and head to and it should show the local Octoprint install.

Thank you for the help. I've decided to eat the "fondue with the cheese"... and abandon the local machine option and just go with the original intended use which is all working well. Printing as I write this. The only last issue is to get my Logictech usb webcam working. Control page just says "webcam stream loading" with no image.

You spelled raspberry wrong... Spell it with the "p" in it and you can log in

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So I installed bed visualizer and it returned this plot not sure i understand what this plot says but I assume its not so good to many high and lows

You might want to remove the last part you printed (which is still on the print bed).

All joking aside, it's well over 2mm on the high end as well as the low. Your IR sensor or probe is wonky.

The results of your report are definitely not getting parsed properly by my plugin. Press the update button and then go to the terminal tab and copy/paste all the returned lines here.

Thank you for the reply. I have changed to a different printer so once I get it set up I will run another report and see what the data says. If it looks similar I will let you know. FYI the new printer is a Lulz Taz 6.

Thank You,

I certainly was laughing when I saw the image. j/k