No update found past 1.3.11

My Octoprint version (OctoPi) shows as 1.3.11. However, when I check for updates, it says everything is up to date. It appears the newest version is 1.3.6. Even weirder, when I try to ssh in to the pi and update manually, the Octoprint folder has a README that says:

OctoPrint 1.3.6 and newer no longer rely on a git checkout for updates,
so OctoPi no longer goes that route either.

Feel free to manually create a git clone though if you need it (e.g. for
branch based updates or on board development):


So it would appear I am running 1.3.6 but that doesn't show on the web interface. How Do I fix this?

Check this post.

Yep, did all that and it seemed to work just fine. However, after restarting octoprint, I still see:



Wait a minute: 1.3.11 is the most recent full release version.
1.3.12 came out as release candidates (rc1 - rc3).
You have to set your update parameters to release candidates - with agreeing to the warnings:

:flushed: What makes you think that that would be the newest version? 11 is obviously a higher number than 6, 1.3.6 was released in early 2018 IIRC, 1.3.11 back in May of 2019.

The note in the README text targets people who were used to the update mechanism of versions prior to 1.3.6 and says nothing about the installed version (the UI tells the truth here).