Not very accurate display of remaining print time


First of all - just to be clear: I don´t want to blame anything or anybody. Octoprint is a very cool project and I´m happy to use it. I did my donation and purchase the great OctoApp yesterday.

But, something I ask myself is: Why is Octoprint after so much years of development so inaccurate with the remaining printing time? I looked into the FAQs, try some different setups, but everything works perfect like a charm - except the display of the remaining time. It´s accurate, when only 20 minutes are left :slight_smile:

I´m using an Original Prusa I3 MK3S with latest firmware and also Octoprint with latest firmware running on a Raspberry PI 3B+. It´s not dependend which settings I use with Prusaslicer, nor which layer height or whatever. The printer itself shows accurate remaining time on his display, but Octoprint doesn´t.

Is there a way to improve it? Or am I the bug? :slight_smile:

Regards, Jurgen

I have noticed this as well. Now I just use the slicer time estimates. But I am following this post to see if anything can be done. Thank you for posting.

For you both:
A short seek oft the forum:

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I have use the search engine, but within the FAQs - and there´s nothing about this topic.

Thanks for the hint. I´ve installed the plugin "PrintTime Genius" and now the estimated remaining printing time is accurate. Thanks!

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OctoPrint's implementation is more basic, and is more optimized for speed - gcode analysis takes a little while and on single-core Pi's for example can make everything slow for a minute while the file is analyzed. And since there is the option for installing a plugin for people who don't mind doing the extra processing (now with the Pi 3B+/4 the difference is negligible I guess), there's not much point in working another method of analysis into OctoPrint's core.

I've been in the OP's position for long, for a long time amusing myself by seeing the print time estimate off by hours or days and then, the further on th print gets, back-pedalling like crazy so it would render mostly accurate for the last half an hour. Until I saw the PTG plugin mentioned in a discussion here.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a tiny link somewhere on the ui which guides new users to a box of info and possibly the link to that plugin as well?

Is there a guide to the handful of must-have plugins?

Agreed. I did not know of that plug-in. I am going to install it as well.
Thank you for the info.