Octopi Connected to Wifi, but not showing webpage

I have an ender 3 v2 printer and a Raspberry pi 3b+. I set up octoprint and it ran perfectly fine for about a month but yesterday half way though a print I noticed that the webpage would no longer load. I restarted my pc and tried accessing from different devices but the page would still not load. I can see the device "octopi" connected to my wifi though my router settings but the page isnt loading.

I've already wiped the sd card probably 3 times now, and flashed the image onto the card but it still isnt working.

If anyone has run into a similar problem I would really appricate some help because at this point I have no idea what else to do to try and fix it.

Thanks in advance.

I know this doesn't help your problem but ...

Subjectively Endder3 v2 seems to appear in help requests much more often than any other printer. Is it possible to use a stock version of Marlin? or perhaps something posted on (Darth Vada music) social media.

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If OctoPi is still connected to your WiFi, can you SSH into it? Can you ping it?

There are numerous other topics about OctoPi losing network connection during a print so we need to understand if you have a unique problem or this is another instance of a common problem.

In either case, you deleted the template that was provided when you opened this topic. Filling out the template with as much detail as you can provide gives us the best chance of helping you. Any blue text you see is a link that you can click for more information. Let's start with

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