OctoPi Release Candidate 0.18.0rc1 Install

Sorry to be ignorant, but how do I install this Release Candidate? I will probably start with a blank SD card for a Raspberry PI 4.


Hello @bcrazycramer!

You follow this guide:

but instead of OctoPi 0.17.0 you use OctoPi 0.18.0rc1

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The same way you would install the current stable 0.17.0 build of OctoPi: https://github.com/guysoft/OctoPi#how-to-use-it

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Maybe I didn't download the correct release candidate files.

I went here and downloaded the source files:

Is there a place to download the latest release candidate? I'm used to downloading the image and using etcher to create the image on the SD card.

That's an old octoprint release candidate @bcrazycramer. You can get the octopi release candidate here.

That's the 1.4.0 release candidate from this time last year, for OctoPrint, not OctoPi.

You can find the download links in the blog post:

Awe thanks! Got it now. Thanks for the help.


Can I just backup my current setup and restore it on the new install?

Yes. Just save the backup file to your PC or to a thumb drive, as you will have to copy it back to the new SD card after you flash the new version

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Thanks. I have loaded the RC and restored the back up. That was pretty easy.