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Hey @OutsourcedGuru - remember me?

Went ahead and plugged into ethernet. Haven't tested yet - but will and see if this resolves. I was curious though - will having ethernet plugged in override the wifi module, or should I trigger this off? If so - how would I go about that? Connecting (putty/browser ui) should all be the same correct?


Hey OutsourcedGuru,

Thank you. So I did as you suggested; plugged my pi to a keyboard & monitor and disconnected the ethernet cable.
Ran ifconfig and got the RUNNING flag for wlan0 and saw the ip address. Could not reach that address through my machine via PUTTY.
Ran routegot the same results as before minus the ethernet info.
Ran ping and nothing else "happened". I tried typing commands but nothing happens. See pic.


@MaplePrints Run a route command and you can confirm that the metric for the eth0 is lower than that of wlan0. This should in most cases translate into "yeah, it will go that route instead of using the wi-fi".

Behind-the-scenes, the Raspi should advertise its hostname on two different devices and your workstation should see the metric and make the right choice.

If you connect with ssh or PuTTY and use the hostname "octopi.local" then this should work out fine in most cases. If you use the IP address, just make sure that you use the correct one of the two.


@salamero Now we're getting somewhere. That's pretty strong evidence that something's wrong with your router's setup on the wi-fi side of things.

  • It could be that the mask (a.k.a. "netmask") isn't actually "/24" or ""; maybe it's something else. For what it's worth, the underlying "10.x.x.x" private network is a Class A network so it's possible that your router thinks that the netmask is "/8" or "".
  • It's possible that the broadcast address is incorrectly set. In your case, usually this is supposed to be for your indicated mask.
  • It's possible that something else on your network is also using that IP address which is causing a conflict.
  • It's possible that your wi-fi is setup on a Guest Network so all sorts of restrictions would be in place.
  • It's possible that your router is blocking broadcast traffic to/from the wi-fi network to the wired Ethernet network, preventing the discovery from happening.

What's bothering me is that I've searched for "admin.lan" but it's turning up nothing on the Internet. I worry that this represents the public-facing IP address on your router so this would be an incorrect setting for your wi-fi route.


So, yes. I'm on a guest network I created because my 2.4 Ghz ssid has a space a "+" and a "." in the name, which seemed to be an issue with my pi. I didn't change the name because I have a gazillion smart home devices on that network that I would have to re-set to that new name. I'll do it if I have to but is there a way i can either A) get my pi to "see" that name or B) can I get my pi to connect to my 5Ghz network, which doesn't have the stupid characters issue?I wasn't able to before. Thanks


You can get your Raspberry Pi 3B to connect to your 5Ghz wi-fi zone if you kill it with a spork and replace it with a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

It might be worth trying the trick to pretend that your wi-fi zone is hidden; that might work:



Hello everyone,

so I was using OctoPi with no problems at all for about 3 months. Now I moved to another house and I'm not able to get my OctoPi connect to wifi. I updated SSID and pswd in wpa-supplicants with Notepad++, but without any success. So I tried to go back to my old house with old SSID and pswd and it worked, then I tried to rename my wifi to same SSID and pswd as it was, and it is working, but I can't be using this wifi setup. Can someone please point me to what am I missing?

Using OctoPrint 1.3.10 on OctoPi 0.15.1

EDIT: I have no fancy characters in my new wifi setup, only first capital letter, and some numbers

Thanks in advance.


Is your new wi-fi zone hidden? If it is, then it might behave as you've described. You would need to add scan_ssid=1 to that network paragraph if it's a hidden zone.

If not, then try again.

  1. Having remoted into your Raspberry Pi 3B (since it's still connected using the old information)...
  2. sudo /boot/octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt

Create two paragraphs for the network section, one with the old and one with the new. Try to keep the new SSID and password simple like lowercase letters, numbers and that's it (no spaces).

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev
        # Old house

        # New house

Then change your wi-fi router's zone/password to what you want it to be (just lowercase letters and numbers without spaces to be on the safe side).


Well, I tried adding scan_ssid, but nothing changed. So then I used the old wifi setup, tried to open wpa supplicant, but with no luck (it wrote about 10 rows with unexpected errors), so I entered raspi-config, where I used Network settings to connect to a wifi, and now it works. I might have wrote the old wifi setup here when I was first setting my Pi, so it was kinda "hardcoded" I would say.

Now everything works (only web page is loading slowly than before - might it be the result of adding scan_ssid?), so thank You for your insight into my problem!