Octopi wifi not working


I cannot get my raspberry Pi 3 to connect to my wifi network. I am running octopi 15.1 andI followed the instruction of editing the wpa-supplicant file and adding my ssid and pasw. Also tried editing /etc/network/interfaces but that also did not work. When I type ifconfig my wlan0 does not have a valid ip address; instead of having an IP 192.168.X.X it has an ether b8: 27: eb:........ I also tried setting up a static IP but due to the fact that I do not have an IP available I cannot do so.

With my initial setup everything worked well. However, after a reboot, all connectivity was lost. I might get the wifi to work again after a number of frustrating reboot attempts. So that tella me that it might be my DHCP server on my router? Not sure how to fix it though. Could anyone help please?

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