Octoprint disconnect - Firmware error - BLTouch

Hello everybody
Recently I have a problem with Octoprint and BLTouch

( OctoPrint 1.5.3 - Python 2.7.13 - OctoPi 0.16.0) running on a Rpi 3 (system updated) and MarlinKimbra 4.3.9 on Radds 1.5, Original BLTouch

Error reported by printer

Your printer's firmware reported an error. Due to that OctoPrint will disconnect. Reported error: STOP called because of BLTouch error - restart with M999

This happens when the printer starts to move during G28.
If I reconnect octorpint (not reboot or restart ) and send the same print the error donesn't happen and all works fine to the end.
Sometimes the print goes at first attempt.
I was two times in front of my printer an I saw a strange behaviour
On G28 printer goes to X0 Y0 then moves to the center of my bed, rises Z (this is correct) and then it goes to error or sometimes the BlTouch pin start to move up/down many times and then goes to error..

It's a problem I am recently facing, may be after octoprint update, times ago it wasn't present and a friend of mine who has my same DIY printer, same exact firmware (we flash the same .hex file to both printers) and old octoprint don't ges to error state.

Here is my beginning Gcode (Ideamaker slicer) for a given piece

;Sliced by ideaMaker, 2021-03-23 11:51:45 UTC+0100
;Dimension: 305.000 305.000 305.000 0.400 0.400
;Plate Shape: 0
;Origin Center: 0
;Extruder Offset #1: 0.000 0.000
;Filament Diameter #1: 1.750
;Filament Diameter #2: 1.750
;Filament Compensation #1: 98.00
;Filament Compensation #2: 98.00
;Filament Density #1: 1270.00
;Filament Density #2: 1270.00
;Bounding Box: 127.310 177.690 103.810 201.190 0.000 28.100
;Model Gap: 0.000
M221 T0 S98.00
M140 S80.00
M190 S80.00
M104 T0 S220.00
M109 T0 S220.00
;Acceleration (units/s2)
M204 P1000.000 V1500.000
M204 T0 R10000.000
M204 T1 R10000.000
M530 S1; start printing
G92 E0; resetta extruder
G28 ; Autohome
M420 S1 ;Enable bed correction
G1 X-10 Y15 F5000
G1 Z0.4 F3000
G1 E25 F150 ;purge the filament a bit before starting print
G92 E0; resetta extruder
G1 F9000.0
M117 ;Printing...
M106 S0
M140 S80
M104 T0 S220
G1 F3000 E-5.0000
G0 F9000 X129.453 Y106.719
G0 F1500 Z0.300
G0 F9000 X129.491 Y106.750

How can I track this error and try to solve it?

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I would check the wiring of the BL-Touch probe. I guess either a connector has come loose or a cable has broken.

It could be if this was an Octoprint error, but since the error was reported by your printer it's on the printers side.

Ok, I'll check, Thanks

I have the same problem since the last Ocotopi update, The printer locks up, Octopi is unable to reconnect after a restart of the printer (Ender 3 v2).

Only after first doing a leveling probe on the printer directly, will Ocotpi be able to run a new print with leveling.
When I disable the leveling code in the gCode, I don't have this problem but since I want Octopi to check on leveling prior to printing I always have to let the printer do an initial leveling from its display.

We won't be able to help you unless you share a system info bundle with enabled serial.log.

Also you are confusing OctoPrint and OctoPi:

octoprint-systeminfo-20210510211514.zip (36.2 KB)
octoprint-logs.zip (282 Bytes)

Hi I have the same problem. Attached is my log and system info bundle

I can confirm for me it was a hardware problem.
Not one but two broken wires. The yellow and brown wires both had breaks in them due to movement near the hotend. Soldered up and working again.

Hope this helps someone else.

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Usually means you don't have a stored bed level so M420 can't retrieve the mesh. Could be from any number of reasons. Just send in the OctoPrint terminal:


Then try printing again.

This happened to me too several times, no issues when printing the same gcode off the memory stick.

Cause in my case seemed to be OctoPod (iphone app) with notifications enabled - running this at the same time as Cura Octopi plugin always gave me the issue. Uninstalled the OctoPod app from the phone and the issue is gone.

Bit of a shame, as the OctoPod app looked quite useful.