Octoprint / Lulzbot Workhorse... smoke!

What is the problem?

Hello, I set up octopi / print on a pi3B. It seemed happy. I connected to the Lulzbot workhorse @ 115200. I saw some text go back and forth. It looked connected and happy. I got called to the front of the office to deal with something. When I came back the shop was filled with smoke. The printer seems to be working but the extruder / body have a nice ash coating from the smoke that I need to clean. I realize getting Lulzbot support is difficult nowadays and I may be one of the few with a workhorse printer... What did I do wrong and how do I keep this from happening again?


So you did nothing but connecting the printer?
No preheat, no homing, no nothing?

The thing is without logs we can't tell you what happened.

This and many more fun things are found on their forum.

Thanks PrintedWeezl and OutsourceGuru!

I'm out of town until next week but I will plug it into the pi again and see what the logs say. I'll also open it up and inspect that it's not a wiring issue. I did a small print off an ssd before I left and it seemed fine.

Thanks for the help!