Octoprint on connecting to printer moves x and y axis and crashes into ends. HELP

hey guys i have a cr10 with a bl touch and a octoprint. for some reason when i connect to the printer, it lowers and retracts bltouch, moves x and y axis to basic middle of table (if it was at front left before connect) if if i disconnect from pinter or turn it off, it will move x and y axis again to the right and back, and crashes into ends. it keeps trying to move to the right and back each time it turns on... no idea why its doing this. please help

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With the information you have supplied, I'd guess that you have some Settings, GCODE Scripts defined.

If you want a better answer, then please supply logs including a serial.log.

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I do have the same issue with Creality Cr10s Pro. Most of the time it works fine but somtimes the printhead crashes into the max X direction. I could not reproduce the error for the Log File. as soon as it happens i will post it. I do have Gcode scripts upon the print start which level the bed automaticly, but no script while connecting to printer. Any aditional advice is very welcome
Thanks Eric

Please see my post directly above yours.