Octoprint operational, but then times out?

Hello, I recently upgraded the firmware on a Prusa MK3S to 3.10.0. Octopi was working with my older version FW, but now it connects for a few seconds then it says Error: to many consecutive time outs? Does anyone have any suggestions or advice as to why this is happening and what approach I can take to maintain the connection without it timing out on me? Should I reconfigure/reflash octopi or do a factory reset on the printer? I am currently using octoprint version 1.5.3. Maybe I should upgrade it? I did disconnect the power panic button on my printer. Should I reconnect it? Any guidance on this issue would be much appreciated. If anyone could shed some light on this topic, I would be so grateful. Thanks again in advance.

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Thank you Foosel for attempting to help. I appreciate your prompt response on this issue. After troubleshooting and looking at other similar threads, I figured out that it was the RPi port was on in the LCD menu of the printer. I had to turn it off and that fixed the problem. I just wonder why I have to turn it on again? It seems intuitive that I would leave it on if it's the RPi port. Maybe you can answer that if possible. Nevertheless, you have indirectly been so much help, as I have read some of your suggestions on other threads regarding the Octopi community forums. I am so grateful for your knowledge base and the suggestions and advice you have contributed. I wish you well.

Some of that would be explained in this post I think:

RPi Port on = GPIO pin connection
RPi Port off = USB connection

The firmware update may have overwritten the configuration, it's quite common for this.

Thanks Charlie for explaining how the port works and why turning it off works vs leaving it on. Appreciate your help trying to explain the difference. Makes the concept less abstract and allows users who are very literal, like me, make more sense of it.

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