Octoprint reports print success but nothing printed!

Hi all. My Creator Pro is connected toOctoprint, what seems like successfully. I can upload the file,I can see the camera, see the temps correctly etc, however, when I upload the X3g file and click print, Octoprint suggests it's printing... superfast, within 22 seconds. In actual fact, nothing has happened! Anyone any ideas?


Hello @ewee !

When you opened this thread there was a template. Where is it gone?

This template asked for some information to help us to help you.

One of the requested information is the systeminfo bundle.

If you please attach that to your next post.

BTW: Are you printing to the Virtual printer?

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octoprint-systeminfo-20230722145714.zip (554.1 KB)

Hello, did I get the system info correct?!

I checked and it is not printing to the Virtual printer.

Yes, it is fine.

We had that issue some time ago:

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