OctoPrint with PiCam V2

What is the problem?

Booted into Octoprint, Webcam not detected.

i have a question or 2! i have flashed octoprint onto a SD card and SSHed into it and completed the setup, however when i connect my Pi2 camera i am getting no red light and i am being told in the web browser that no camera is detected.

if i install Octoprint from the download page is the Pi cam v2 natively supported or am i required to SSH into the raspberry pi and install addtional features?

i went into the config file and enabled camera and rebooted but still no display.

maybe the camera is broken? i tried it on 2 pies and different cables no luck.



Hello @PsychoShaft!

You may have to activae the RasPi cam in the raspi-config.

i have flashed octoprint onto a SD card

No, you haven't. OctoPrint is an application, written in Python, not something that you can flash to an SD card (well, technically you could, but it wouldn't work like this). Could it be that you mean OctoPi?

If so, OctoPi should support the camera automatically and you should not have to enable it manually. If it isn't being detected then either the camera is faulty or you haven't connected it properly (which happens easily with those ribbon cables). Make sure you actually have connected it to the camera port and not the display port (same kind of connector, easy to get wrong) and that you are putting the cable in correctly in both the Pi and the camera. If that doesn't help it's time to get another camera to test - it wouldn't be the first faulty camera I've heard off.

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I did mean Octopi :slight_smile:

Ok i fixed my problem! thank you Foosel and Ewald_lkemann.

I feel like a right noob, i did all the configuration perfect (as in setting up octopi and enabling the camera in raspi-config via ssh) however i only realized on the PI CAM v2, there is a tiny ribbon cable on the board itself to connect the Lens to the chip, this wasnt connected at all, after connecting this properly the camera works!



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Do you have a link to a guide you know followed to setup a camera

Hello Sandog, what camera are you using? i would give it a google! i found a lot of useful infomation on youtube.

here is a useful link for settings: https://github.com/PrusaMK2Users/MK2_Tips_and_Tricks/wiki/OctoPrint-Webcam-Setup

also here for what octo print currently supports: https://github.com/foosel/OctoPrint/wiki/Webcams-known-to-work