OctoPrint won't cancel


Hello I’m quiet new to the subject of Octopi and network so my experience is nearby zero. Furthermore, I have not been able to make octopi run with the internal WiFi of the raspi 3B. Therefore I took an access point for WiFi transmission and connected my raspi by cable on the access point.
Now I can upload files, and start the print over WiFi without to much issues. Only thing about that is that I have to reload the page, if I want to upload another print, or start the next print.

BUT: If I want to cancel the print by octopi, then I’m first asked if I real want to do so, thus so far it seems to work. But then, the print job continues, continues and continues and it won’t cancel the print.
Is this now a bug, or could someone help me out there in a way, that can be understood by an absolute noob?

Thanks in advance

My setup is:
OctoPrint V1.3.8
Raspi 3B by lan cable to access point TP-LinkWA-801 ND
Web cam connected on active USB hub
Home station running on Windows 10

another small issue ist, that my webcam disconnects time by time, but with a reload it comes always up again


It'll be fixed or at least mitigated in 1.3.9.


I hope it would be fixed, seen this seems to me as one of the most important functions. The main reason for Octoprint seems to me at least the one to go out of the house, to be able to check the print and to cancel if needed.


^ This not only describes the issue but also contains a workaround.