Pi camera lights up then goes out and does not work

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I am having the exact same issue. Pi 3b+ Camera v1.3. safemode doesn't help. disconnecting usb doesn't help.

when accessing /var/log $ vi webcamd.log I get the following:

"Starting up webcamDaemon...

--- Configuration: ----------------------------
cfg_file: /boot/octopi.txt
camera: auto
usb options: -r 640x480 -f 10
raspi options: -fps 10
http options: -w ./www-octopi -n --listen

Explicitly USB device:

Found video devices:
"webcamd.log" [readonly] 74438 lines, 898964 characters"

Can you upload the systeminfo bundle? It will contain all the log files and might give us an indication of what's not working.

Double check all of the connections, including the little one that connects the camera sensor to the board, it's small and often missed.

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Thanks for your reply!

Im not sure how to get the logs you want but my camera only has a single ribbon cable. I checked it quite a few times but maybe i need another cable? Not sure where it would even go though

Edit: sorry im new here. I clicked the link above and i will get the logs shortly.

let me know if you can open this. Thanks!

octoprint-systeminfo-20220222035236.zip (38.7 KB)