PiHole on top of Octoprint

Is it posible to run PiHole on top of Octoprint and will the 2 battle for the limited resources of a Pi 3B+ ?
If there should be no issue how would I go around to do this?

:points at the title of the forum: This be an OctoPrint forum, not the PiHole forum, matey... /piratevoice

I dunno. You might want to go read the stuff on the PiHole website/repository for installation instructions for that.

As for whether to put the two on the same computer, I wouldn't. I like the ability to just save/restore/upgrade/backup/clone my microSD without worrying about other stuff that might be clobbered. A Pi Zero W is cheap at ~ $10. Why not dedicate one of those?

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Understandable , thanks for the reply.

And just for the record:

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