Printer restarts continuously on startup when USB cable is connected

Good day
I Just want to enquire if someone has had this issue before, if not i'll share the log files and other details
Prusa I3
Pi 3B (1.2)

When the machine starts up, the printer lcd screen will continuously refresh/restart. When I disconnect the USB cable at this point, the restarting stops. I'll shut down, remove the USB cable, and start both the PI and the printer.
Once they are both up, I can reconnect the USB cable and all is fine.
Basically the setup does not want to start up with the USB cable connected.
Strange but true
Thank you

You need to isolate the + pin of the USB cable

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Ahh thank you.
So the USB will not supply power (The printer already getting power from the PSU)
Am i understanding that correctly?

Thanks again.

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You are correct, solves too many people's problems. Guide here :point_down:

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Or get a Power BLougR from @witnessmenow:

(Disclaimer: I'm not sponsored or anything, I just happen to have one myself and prefer it over the somewhat fiddly even though equally effective tape method, and Brian is a fellow maker who deserves every kind of kudos I can direct his way)

Thank you all so much for the help.
I am def going to try this over the weekend. It is strange though that it has been working for quite some time (Since i've loaded Octoprint in March), but only started this issue on Saturday.
Thank you again