Printer stops extruding after some time

What is the problem?

I well start a print Everything be perfect, no problems, Then BOOM 2 hours later my Printer is still following the G-code but not extruding anything. This happens at least 1 out of 4 prints2

What did you already try to solve it?

Nothing, Cause i have no idea why is does this. It is a 50/50

Have you tried running in safe mode?

NO because i just wasted 10 days and a whole roll of filament just to mess up at the end. dont want risk wasting more until i get a somewhat of whats going on.

Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


Systeminfo Bundle (25.8 KB)

That's not really an octoprint problem - that's a printer problem.

First of all - which printer are you using? I guess it's not a Jasmine13%?

Did you hear a clicking/clonking sound when it doesn't extrude anymore? (sounds and looks like this Extruder feeder stepper clicking noise (see 1:20) - YouTube (jump to 1:20))
If not does the extuder move at all?

it would help to know what you were doing:

  • what printer
  • what fillament / temps
  • does it happen with any filament or some specific
  • what did you do to make it print again, after previous times
  • ...describe the context / situation

Sunlu S8
Hatchbox PLA 190
it has happen once with Wood. HAvent Print ABS or PETG enough to see if it has happened with those.
rip the print off and start over.
I would start the print. usually head to work. and come home after 8-10 hours and the printer head would be 1-2 inch over the print just printing without extruding. Like it thinks its printing but not.

based on your description on how to resolve (just restart), its not a nozzle clog.

Did you inspect the filament? do you have worn spots like here ?
And when you pull the filament out of the ptfe tube, between extruder and hotend, is it straight and still circular?

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make sure bowben tube is pushed right up to the back of tor tip ,after making sure there isnt a space there already by,
1take filament out then disconect the tube at the top of hot end
2. turn up the heat! 240 then rmove fans and hang them on gantry
3. be carefull and remove tip
4. push the tube al the way trough hot end,
if your lucky with alittle persitance the tip will push outa nice peice of cared or blob of filament
then re assemble make sure that tube is right up against the ack of the tip and that it stays there
good luck , this solved all my extruding problems ....for now

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