Printer Unloading filament at the print start


What is the problem? When ever i start a print my cr-10 unloads all filament and starts printing

What did you already try to solve it?
I have tried Multiple slicers(Cura, Slicer, Simplify). It only happens when printing over USB. This doesn't occur when printing over SD. Due to it happening only over USB and not SD i am thinking that its an issue with octoprint and not printer or slicer.

I am using a modified Cr-10s. I am running octoprint version 1.3.10

this is my first time posting. if there is more information you need just ask.


What slicer are you using? Share your start gcode from the slicer. If you think it's fine, enable octoprint serial logging and share that.


I think I'd also check the OctoPrint -> Settings -> GCode Scripts -> Before... script. And by "check" I mean: share it here.