Problems with MultiCam

I have three webcams. I want to use them with multicam. My Problem is, that i can not find a manual how to configure it.

I am using a Raspberry Pi4b with OctoPi 0.18.0.

Can anyone help me please?

Best regards

Install the cams, configure the driver, put in the URLs for each cam in the multi cam plugin.

For each cam you need a stream URL, OctoPrint as default does not support multiple cams, it only has support for one cam

I know that Octoprint only has support for one cam by default, therefor I try to configure the MultiCam-App.

I have 3 Playstation3-cameras, but i only can see one stream.
The manuals on YouTube and in the Internet seem to be for older versions.

I think that guide should wok still

Thank you for your help. I took another Pi with Motioneye to have a workaround.