Putty can't see "serial" when i want to check path to MCU

I have a problem with finding connection with raspberry pi to MCU, it can't find that path. I configured everything in Klipper firmware configuration, changed USB, plugins
Only thing which appear is :
ls: cannot access '/dev/serial/by-id/': No such file or directory
What might be the problem?

I assume the printer is connected and powered on and the USB cable is working fine?

Yes, printer is powered on, and all USB are fine.

Has anything changed since you posted the same problem 5 days ago?

Unfortunately no. Do you think that it can be problem with RPi? Cause I even changed on different software Octoprint/Mailsail SO and still nothing.

Why repost the issue? It only adds a layer of confusion. I believe @Ewald_Ikemann answered the question already in the original thread:

Klipper does not support SD cards on the printer for printing

That answer doesn't seem related to the issue of trying to find a serial device, but I agree there's not much point in having two threads about the same thing.

If the printer firmware is Klipper then there is an additional layer of software on the RPi that converts GCode into commands that are recognized by the Klipper firmware. This additional layer of software presents itself to OctoPrint as a "virtual device" (not to be confused with OctoPrint's Virtual printer).

I'm guessing that there is a problem with this additional layer of software and since there are very few (if any) Klipper experts in these forums, you might have better luck using the Klipper forums. Start at https://www.klipper3d.org/.

The issue is with the ls command the OPS mentioned in the first post.
The result is needed to get the Klipper driver firmware onto the printer's MCU and is also needed for the communication of the Klipper parts on the MCU and the Pi.

During print, OctoPrint sends the Gcode to a virtual printer/USB port that is provided by Klipper.