Raspberry Pi alternatives

Hey all. was wondering if anyone has run Octoprint on one of the many Raspberry Pi alternatives that are out on the market, some of which boast higher specs then the Raspberry pi.

motherboard wise all the successors ...

I would use an odroid c2+ but they are not available anymore....


The https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-h2/ is also a good solution which combines all the things of the thread above....

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Yeah, I looked for one of those recently and couldn't find one. I was looking because of the stats listed on the dietpi downloads page. I ended up just downloading a dietpi vm image and installed on my vmware server for development purposes (and run pi-hole for my network). Dietpi actually has octoprint as a software install option. I had written about it over here in regards to using something other than mjpegstreamer for the camera.


i have seen that the c2 is available again but now the pi4 is much more "powerfull" (but runs hotter)

Octoprint will run on just about any Linux version that supports it. I've run it on Beagle Bone Black hardware just fine.